What you can expect your child to receive from the Hollingsworth Dance and Gymnastics agenda?

  • Physical benefits: Body alignment (healthy back), strengthened and defined muscularity, nutritional awareness, anatomical shaping, psychomotor proficiency (coordination).
  • Esthetic/Artistic benefits:Entrée into the classic literature of music/dance/drama/visual arts. Association with professional, articulate leaders/instructors. Direct involvement with diverse cultural influences. French language, Russian methodology and thematic materials derived from all segments of the world. Creation of an expressive life commentary, uniquely individual. Discovery of the joy and privilege of life. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Appreciation of art as a timeless record of both the failures and accomplishments of man.
  • Psychological benefits: Self-confidence, higher self-esteem, respect for others and authority, awareness of relationships in self/group situations, establishment of efficient learning habits, conceptualization of ultimate physiological function, personal outlet for emotional expression.
  • Career options: Dance/Gymnastics Teacher – private studio; Dance/Gymnastics Instructor – university or college; Dance/Gymnastics Instructor – public school; Performer – concert stage, musicals, TV, movies, theme parks (Disney, etc.) cruise ships; Choreographer – concert, musicals, TV, movies, university, etc.; Dance Therapist – private practice, hospitals, university setting; Dance Therapist – private practice, hospitals, university setting; Dance/Health/Recreation – major corporations, private health clubs, municipalities.
  • Related fields: Physician, physical therapy, physical education, drama/theatre, sports medicine.